Electrostatic dust painting is a surface coating method that excludes solvents. The coating material is the very thin dust paint particles that form up the final layer paint lamina.
The materials to be painted require preliminary cleaning before painting. Phosphate process for iron materials or chromate process for aluminum materials shall increase the perfection of the paint quality.
The surface process is applied in order to increase the corrosion resistance of all dust and wet paint coatings. Corrosion resistance and adhesion of the paint increase as the result of a correctly performed surface processing.  Corrosion and other problems on the coating occur due to incorrect application of the surface processing. Surface coating is generally of more significance than the final layer.

The dust paint is precipitated in the paint cabin by special paint guns. Dust paint particles, being loaded with electrostatics while passing through the gun, adhere on the material in the cabin which is to be painted and thereby the coating process is realized. For the dust paint to completely adhere on the material surface, the material is also required to be earthed very well. The material enters into the furnace after being coated with dust paint. The temperature of the furnace which is between 180- 200ºC provides that the dust paint is melted and adhered on the material within certain duration. The obtained coating reveals perfect resistance against corrosion, chemical impacts and crushes. Conclusively, a surface coating is obtained which is extremely durable, economic, environment friendly with a wide range of colors and brightness.
Following the electrostatic dust painting process, some physical measurements and experiment controls are applied. The tests below are done by our chemist for each lot of paint works and specified Quality Control certificate is issued and delivered to our customers together with the materials. Concurrently, all of the performed tests are archived in our system, and for the performed painting 10 years of guarantee is undertaken funder the guarantee of paint manufacturers.
1-Film ThicknessMeasurement:  The film thickness of thedustpaint on the metal surface is measuredbymeans of specialdevices. Theunit is in microns. Insmoothpaints it is recommendedto be around 70-80 microns, in roughpaintstherecommendation is 90m microns.
2-Conical Bending Test: Under certain conditions, it is the control of the flexibility of the paint through deforming the paint applied surface in conical form and thereby measuring the fractures established on the paint and the amounts which come up from the paint film surface.
3-Impact Test:  Under certain condition, it is the control of the flexibility of the paint by measuring the fractures and the peeling on the paint from the surface caused by a weight falling from a height.
4-Adhesion Test: On the painted surface with a straight angle forming cuts in shape of a cage and with an adhesive strip complying with the standards, controlling the coming up of the paint from the surface of the film.
5-Cupping Test: This is the test method used for controlling flexibility and adhesion characteristics of the paint.
6-Hardness Measurement: The hardness of the painted surface is measured as per Pen Hardness and Bucholz Hardness standards.
7-Particle Size Distribution: The amount ratio of each particle dimension in the paint is measured by means of laser light. In addition to this, data such as biggest particle size and average particle size are obtained.

Dust paint Industry, wide spreading fast all over the world, extinguishes its disadvantages by each passing day, and increases its color options and varieties. Electrostatic dust paint being applied successfully in many sectors and in big sectors such as aluminum, white consumer goods, durable consumer materials and automotive supply industry being ahead, had become an irreplaceable coating all around the world.

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